From Phishing Fears to Frictionless Flow: How to Stop Website Confusion and Win Customers

Digital transactions are the norm today.

From tax payments to the payment of bills, everything is moving digital. Messages and WhatsApp communications are slowly becoming the primary tool, reminding users to complete payment transactions on time.

Every day, millions of people across the world receive emails or SMS messages with links to websites that claim to be from their bank, credit card company, shopping sites, or other financial institutions. These messages often ask the end user to click the link to complete payment transactions, update account information, or complete some other action related to their finances.

The Click-Abandonment Mystery: Is Your Website Credibility the Culprit?

Imagine this: You receive a text message with a bill, but the link looks suspicious. You hesitate to click on the link, wondering if it’s a clever scam or a legitimate message. In today’s world of phishing scams, it’s easy to get caught up in confusion or experience a moment of hesitation and doubt about the authenticity of a website. And for your business, this website confusion can cost sales; it can be a silent sales killer.

A confused person
A confused person

User privacy is a joke in many countries. User data leaks and purposefully selling customer data are not something new. This only results in more trouble and confusion for end users. The message they end up receiving could be a complete scam. These links lead the user to fake websites designed to steal your login credentials, install malware on your device, or engage in other activities.

Just as it is important for users to recognize fake websites impersonating brands, it is equally important for website owners to give assurance that their site is authentic and not misleading.

How does authifyURL help?

authifyURL does go beyond just providing a solution to easily detect impersonation scams; it also provides users with assurance that the website they are accessing is indeed real and belongs to a legitimate brand.

We do this by comparing the URL with all the websites associated with the brand, thus providing users with a guarantee that the website they are accessing is authentic. The link on the SMS or email you receive can be easily verified with the official links in our database, giving the users a nudge of assurance to continue the interaction.

It also helps your brand streamline its brand protection efforts while not compromising on brand reputation or customer trust. Our simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to access our services and confirm that a website belongs to an authentic organization. What is best is that the entire process to verify, takes less than 30 seconds, making sure that brands don’t miss out on that sale.

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