Deepfakes Invade Instagram Ads: Bollywood Stars Impersonated for Fraudulent Scams

We scroll; we double-tap; then repeat. But what about scam ads and deep-fake frauds promoted through Instagram ads?

Deepfake Ad on Instagram

Instagram is an essential part of our daily lives, especially for children and young adults. How often do you notice the ads in between these scrolls? In fact, it seems like every fourth post is some kind of promotion or sponsored content. After all, in exchange for a perfectly curated feed, ads are their revenue model.

But under the glossy filters lies a growing landscape of scams. Slipping past Instagram’s “strict” ad filters, there are tempting promises of overnight riches. Exploiting our vulnerabilities and poking our insecurities with fake testimonials and deep-fake celebrity endorsements.

Here’s the scary part: They are good. It’s becoming more difficult for the general audience to deduce that those are fake and AI-generated. It erodes our confidence, sows confusion, and leaves us questioning the very authenticity of the world we scroll through. But what is more troubling is that these are promoted as ads. Deep fakes aren’t new, but when Meta’s ad review system fails to identify them as frauds, it becomes an issue, not just for Meta but for the users, celebrities, and the government.

It isn’t just limited to one account; there are multiple Facebook pages similarly serving ads directly on Instagram.

What happens when you click on the link?

Clicking on the link in a few ads takes you to a fake landing page that impersonates the Google Play Store app or Apple Store, depending on the device. What’s interesting here is that it looks exactly like the official sites. Unless one looks carefully at the link within the Instagram webview, no one can figure out if it is a fake landing site.

Instagram ads leads to fake Telegram Links, impersonating Play Store and Apple Store.

Other ads take the user to a fake landing page that impersonates a Telegram account. With fake follower numbers, it’s easy to trap the common people.

Fake Landing page impersonating

The line between profit and responsibility blurs on Instagram. Will Meta step up before the deepfakes take over entirely?

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