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The internet is full of websites, but how can you know which ones are legit?

With a few clicks, you could create websites, buy products anywhere in the world, and transact payments worth millions. It’s all possible today; the web has revolutionized the way we do things. But beneath all this, there is one main element missing. The ability to distinguish fake from real.

How does our website verification API help you identify scam sites with one click?

Imagine a web where trust is transparent. Companies proactively submit their official URLs to a secure database, creating a definitive record of their online identities. This database serves as the foundation for a public API, enabling anyone to effortlessly verify website ownership within seconds, just with a single click.

Centralized Database and a Public API
Centralized Database and a Public API

How it works:

1: Companies submit their URLs: Brand owners take control of their online presence by directly submitting their official website URLs to the database.
2: Once verified, all those data will be accessible to the public.
3: Developers integrate the API: The API becomes a powerful tool for developers, integrating verification seamlessly into browsers, messaging apps, security software, and beyond.
4: Users verify with confidence: When you encounter a website, a simple click reveals its verified status or alerts you to potential impersonation.

authifyNow is an early-prototype of how the API can be integrated to any frontend services.

How does the URL verification API benefit users?

  • Unparalleled security: Instantly identify and avoid phishing scams, fraudulent websites, and brand impersonators.
  • Confidence in online interactions: Engage with websites with certainty, knowing you’re interacting with the authentic brand.
  • Transparency at your fingertips: Empower yourself to make informed decisions based on verified ownership information.
  • Private: No personal information is shared.
  • Verification on demand: The API is invoked only when you explicitly click to verify a website, giving you complete control over when and how your data is used.

How does the URL verification API benefit brands?

  • Protect brand reputation: Safeguard your brand from impersonators and ensure customers always reach your genuine website.
  • Contribute to a safer web: Take a proactive stance against online fraud, fostering a more trustworthy digital landscape.
  • Improved Brand Positioning: Your customers see you as a reputed brand as well as a brand that stands for user safety.

Join the movement toward a web of trust. Integrate it into your online tools, and encourage companies to submit their URLs.

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