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Running a project like this is never free.

We face digital attacks from scammers to keep the site down. We fight for you.

No. All authifyWeb projects are free to use. You can use it to verify Business websites as well as Celebrity and Influencer profiles. You are also allowed to self-host an instance for free.

As long as the business is listed in our database, any link representing them can be verified within 30 seconds. If in case they are not listed, you will not be able to verify it in real-time.

Yes. You are allowed to cancel or upgrade the monthly donations you give to support the authifyWeb project.

We accept INR, USD, EUR and GBP currently.

authifyWeb or TAWC is not currently operated as a non-profit organisation, and hence there won’t be any tax deductions.

Your funds will be used to fund the long-term development and success of authifyWeb’s projects and services.